[squeak-dev] Update on source.squeak.org upgrade
Chris Muller
2018-11-25 05:02:20 UTC
Well, I've been running the latest code and VM every day on my laptop
as a Personal Squeaksource server and using it for all of my
development these last weeks.

It went so smoothly I also decided push on it by downloading the
entire squeaksource.com (17GB!) and starting it locally using this
same new code, but with different Repository combination more suitable
to that application (ImagePersistence + FileSystem). That exposed a
couple of minor bugs which are now fixed and committed to the /ss
repository. I'm going to bang on it one more time but I believe that
guy is ready to upgrade too!

If you happened to try Personal SqueakSource and have any negative
feedback, please let me know soon, otherwise I'll start thinking about
upgrading it on the server and kissing the timeouts goodbye.